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Dec 24, 2012 4:30am PST
. >>> we have a crash near caesar chavez, want you to be aware of that. on the off ramp, a car is in the process of being moved over to the shoulder. let's take a look outside, you can see traffic is moving nicely into san francisco right now and at the golden gate bridge, same story, there is a little bit of condensation making your way into the city and finally 280 at the 880 split, traffic is flowing nicely in all directions, here is more. >>> no rain in store for your monday. that storm that passed through yesterday, they are causing all kinds of trouble and they still have trouble through the area where there is a flood watch in the area. minor flooding is going on there as well as in reyes. you can -- in areas to the south. this is the next system that will come in on christmas day. i actually want to point to bolder creek, wow, 5 inches in one day. in that short amount of time, santa rosa picked up 1 / 10th napa one and a half and that was just for sunday. we have seen three storms pass in three days, quite a bit of rain, well above average. patchy fog out there, san jos
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm PST
.g. pharmacy on caesar chavez street in the mission district. police loo looking for 2 men who held up the employee and get away driver. employee was shot in the leg and is expected to survive. >> then this in san francisco. firefighters quickly snuffed out a flew fire says it broke out in the mall after 8:30 tonight. west field theater was temporarily evacuated. no word on exactly what happened. situation. authorities in santa cruz are looking for the person who abandoned a dog wearing a sign that said hom homeless. take a look. female cocker spaniel found tied to pole in downtown santa cruz. she had an infected wound on the under side and vets couldn't heal it. they had to put her down. shelter manager says not providing veterinary care to suffering animal is illegal. >> that's a shame. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast and a little rough weather tonight. >> it's getting quite cold out there. sandy is here. >> we are inching towards winter and certainly already feeling like it winter arrives this coming friday. live doppler showing you that it is clear acros
Dec 24, 2012 5:00am PST
curve, that is near the caesar chavez so be aware of it and we are flowing nicely into san francisco at this hour. let's go back to the desk. >>> a west and rescue operation is underway and police say it all started when they pulled over a suspected drunk driver right near college avenue in fairfax. this is video from the scene we are just getting. the suspect just took off on foot and they saw the man jump into a nearby creek. search and rescue teams have been looking into the water and it is still unclear if he was in the was the he error -- water or if he did get away. >>> storm watch monitoring the borders of east palo alto and menlo park. janine de la vega joins us live from a creek that overflowed, good morning. >> reporter: well the san francisco creek has definitely receded and the water is flowing well but you see that mark, it was just below the white, a foot below that so it has definitely receded. let's go to video, you can see just how high water came up near the creek. it nearly crested at westshore bay road and there were several areas that flooded. police helped to ke
Dec 5, 2012 6:00am PST
and then 101 southbound at hospital curve this is just before you hit the caesar chavez exit. we do have several cars that are in the lanes there in the faster lanes. it doesn't specify exactly which ones. it's definitely causing problems. let's take a live look at 680. you can see the taillights southbound as you drive toward fremont. 6:26 here's steve. >>> thank you, tara. really heavy rain in san francisco and stretching over to parts of the east bay. and also back into alameda. just heard from chris tim he said it's coming down. i know ha half inch has fallen. i bet it's up to two-thirds. and right back down toward half- moon bay. stretching from san francisco over to parts of the east bay. i know parts of the city are getting hard right now. some of the heavier rain moving through. enhancement taking police as the system come ace shore. also oakland and over top parts of the east bay. things are picking up north and south not so bad but right in the middle. >>> it is 6:27. we want to take you outside to see the rain. it's definitely picking up in the north bay this morning. continui
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)